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Jip Piet, KABK

23 May 2015 Mister Motley

Stimulated by the excessive nature of mankind and influenced by many mentalities whether it comes in the form of music, books or popular culture, a brand of sociological mayhem is born. The illustrations at times violent and manic breathe absurdism and structured chaos, as they reveal the situations society develops itself in.

Exploring through my thesis the development of society in a state of mass delirium so well camouflaged as sanity, Some of the Good Old Ultra Violence is a two-part publication I constructed over the past two years in which both the theory and the work are exposed. Coming together as an exploration of the thoughts, theories, and madness relating to the search and struggle for freedom, within the systems we live in. Through the 88 pages of the publication I explore the search for freedom on both a personal scale whether it is the search of enlightenment, or the freedom of escape through substance abuse and violence, as well as the search for freedom in a universal scale as mankind fights and adapts to free itself from systems it is born into. The final work evolves from illustration to installation, the two dimensional aspect unfolds into space and furthermore creeps onto people as it expands into our immediate reality.


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