Art & everyday life

Deze rubriek bevat artikelen en interviews over kunst met een sterke focus op het dagelijks leven. Een ander licht op de orde van de dag.

Manifesto for the (Young) Artist

Lara Staal wrote this manifest for the Day of the Young Artist 2018 organised by Kunstpodium T and curated by Youri Appelo


Last Friday I was travelling from Ghent to Arnhem. I entered the train cabin as travellers were either looking at their phones or their laptops. My eye was caught by a man of colour in a green coat sleeping next to a big plastic bag. The train conductor entered and checked everyone’s ticket, except for the man. When he was finished checking, he walked back to the man to ask him for his ticket. The man replied, he doesn’t have a train ticket but he would like to buy one now. Instead of giving the ticket, the conductor asked him for his identity papers. He didn’t have them. The conductor tells him that the law in the Netherlands is such that he can only give him a train ticket when this person can show his or her legitimacy. The conductor has a rather friendly voice, a sort of easy going tone. He looks at the man and asks him where he wants to go. The man doesn’t answer. The conductor says: the next station is Oss, let’s say this is where you want to go. The man thanks him. The conductor says he will stay in the cabin to check if the man will go out. After ten minutes the train is slowing down; some people are standing up, but the man stays seated. The tension rises in the cabin. People turn their heads to look at the man to see what he will do. The conductor, too, has his eyes on him. Five seconds after the train stops the man slowly stands up and walks out.

Bart Stuart & Klaar van der Lippe in Kunst is Lang

Woensdag 26 september is kunstenaarsduo Bart Stuart & Klaar van der Lippe te gast in Kunst is Lang. Luuk Heezen gaat gedurende één uur met hen in gesprek over hun werk, kunstenaarschap en blik op de wereld. Het duo werkt al sinds 2005 samen en staat bekend om hun conceptuele, activistise en sociaal geëngageerde projecten. Guy Vording is ook aanwezig en reageert live visueel op het gesprek.