Art & everyday life

In this section, Mister Motley investigates the art world up-close and aims to connect art to everyday life. Next to that, Art & Everyday Life invites artists to write about their everyday experiences, about their love for art and the dark edges surrounding it, and they will provide us with commentary on the now and report on their researches and residencies in The Netherlands and abroad.

Omtrent dertig - interview met Suat Ögüt

This year I turned thirty years old and I still study. To find out what goes on in the minds of people that are thirty, I read the book Het dertigersdilemma by Nienke Wijnants, freely translated to The Complications of Being Thirty. The book doesn't seem to talk about this generation of thirty-year-olds. I see few similarities between me and the thirty-year-olds described in the book (the economic crisis isn't mentioned for example, and it seems that there are plenty of jobs to choose from) and I wonder what it's like for other thirty-year-olds. The book also deals with a very selective group of people and not a single artist.

To prepare myself, still an art student, for a more realistic point of view, I will interview a couple of artists that are about the age of thirty and simply ask them what their life looks like. What does an artist do? What kind of rhythm, if at all, does a work week have? Is an artist satisfied?

Welcome Stranger - deel 6

In 2015, artists Saskia Janssen and George Korsmit lived in New York City for one year.  During this year, they worked in close collaboration with the residents of Peekskill, a small town to the north of New York City. Under the title Welcome Stranger  they created a sculpture in public space and five wall paintings in the apartments of Bohlmann Towers, the Peekskill Housing Projects. These works were based on the African-American history of Peekskill and the making took place against the backdrop of the political climate in the USA; the Black Lives Matter movement and the rise of Donald Trump. Now, almost two years later, the rise of Donald Trump is fact, and the subjects of the works couldn’t be more topical. In their publication Welcome Stranger, Janssen and Korsmit report about their project in Peekskill and introduce you to five tenants of Bohlmann Towers.
(22 chapters)