Stefan Nestoroski - Master of Fine Arts LUCA, Brussels

30 Jun 2015 Mister Motley

Lessons for Euclid
Plaster and projector
300 x 30 x 15 cm (length of plaster variable)

I slide a profile along a straight marble edge while adding plaster in front of the triangular opening. Repeated additions of plaster approximate more and more the prismatic shape that the profile disciplines, pulled recurrently. On the opposite end of the profile a slide projector shoots the image of a perfectly equilateral triangle against the triangular section of the plaster body. This projected triangle is perfectly aligned and sharp at one point along the axis – I pull the profile and extend the plaster prism until I reach this matching point.
Two opposed movements that come from the same immaterial reality: geometry and the digital virtual. Each comes with a potential for perfection, and both meet at the failing point where none lives up to its promise.
The plaster prism has been made through vivid efforts at approximation to straightness and a perfect triangle; the projected image is on the other hand disrupted in its perfection simply because of its medium, the fact that it has been externalized.