I have no friends

Dear Miss Motley. I live in a big city in the middle of Holland, I have a job and a nice life. Yet, I don't have a lot of friends and that makes me feel lonely at times. I'm not very good at making friends. What am I doing wrong, what is wrong with me, I wonder all the time? What can I do, how do I make new friends? (Name known by editors)

Marina Abramovic, the artist is present

To feel lonely (abroad)

Dear Mister Motley,

I'm from Sweden and I've lived in The Netherlands for a couple of years. I work as an artist and live in a beautiful home in Amsterdam. Still, it's difficult for me to make real friends. That makes me feel lonely at times. Maybe you know of a solution.

Thank you,

Tacita Dean

The Smell of Fresh Mown Grass

No one will deny that today’s student is much better off than before. Artists of the old generation will smugly and full of glee tell students that, essentially, they will learn nothing at the academy.