Mister Motley heeft een boek gemaakt. Koop hier 'Dit is een vertaling'.


Ingredients: ruins, sand, soil, plant material and dirt (may contain traces of gypsum, nuts, cement, gluten, animal products, and microorganisms)

• pacifism
• antimilitarism
• political nudism
• anarchism 
• self sufficiency 
• common property
• free love/sexual reform   
• teetotalism
• equal wage
• asceticism
• the feet en plein air  
• vegetarianism/raw food, granola 
• ••

SIDE EFFECTS:                                                                                             
• water shortage
• poor soil

• bankruptcy
• jealousy 
• by creating a functioning socialist community within the larger society of capitalism, the larger society would    
     gradually convert to socialism
• weed/unwanted plant

• all-encompassing ideology 

• issues associated with instinctual need for survival, safety, grounding, family, security, 
   boundaries, arrogance selfishness and greed. 

Comprises nearly 100 % of essential minerals and trace elements.

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