Mister Motley heeft een boek gemaakt. Koop hier 'Dit is een vertaling'.

From outer space

I usually have to convince the guests who visit my home that the piece of rust I just placed in their hands floated through space for millions, maybe billions of years before it fell on the Earth with a massive force. People's responses are modest at best, if you ask me. A piece of infinity of which no one knows where it's from and what it looked like before: Who would know? I can only imagine.

I chose to not only show objects from space, but to offer a more varied collection of items from my living room and bed room that I surround myself with on a daily basis. These objects are the inspiration for the work I do as a designer, that's why I keep them close. I believe some of these items to have certain powers, even though I generally don't believe a piece of crystal can help someone overcome a hernia. The kind of forces I'm talking about, are powers I granted them with. Often because of the extraordinary story the object has come to represent, the strange place I found them in or because of the strange purpose they might have once fulfilled. 

In my collection you find things as: a big chunk of meteorite from Russia called 'Sikhote Alin', an antique book on space technology from Germany, published when space travelling was not yet a possibility, a tin moon globe that stood on the desks of world leaders during the Cold War, medical tools, two objects I made myself and a paperweight in the shape of a pyramid with crystals inside. 

Thanks to Ninette Schostack Photography & Terra Incognita Amsterdam.