'I love type, and in fact – I love it so much, I see type everywhere. I sort things alphabetically wherever I go.'

A Alain Chamfort
B Bauhaus Magazine
C Constant Dullaart 
D Dyauṣpitṛ  
E the Eighties – ad compilation 
F Facebook Inside – Thomas Cheneseau
G Gwilym Gold – Greener World 
H Hypergeography – Joe Hamilton
I Iphone6 – DJ Suede
J John Malkovich & Robert Rodriguez
K Kane West – Mexicans (Oh Yeah) (not a type mistake)
L Lorna Mills / John Berger: Ways of Seeing (episode 1)
M Modigliani
N New Nintendo console NX 
O One second of Silence – Edith de Kyndt -
P Psyberbully
Q Qatar
R Roomba or Robert Palmer – Turn You on
S See You All – Koudlam
T Triadischer Ballet  
U Urban Jungle 
V Van Abbe Museum
W Whole Earth Catalogue
X Last X-Mas – Wham! (for Antoine)
Y Y, small village in north of France
Z Zero gravity toilet: the typography in "2001, A Space Odyssey"

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