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In the momentum of the vestige or Reading vestiges

11 Sep 2014 Elejan van der Velde

This is an essay about what I first found in this picture, and what I found after looking at other traces I encountered. The main focus of this 
writing is the creation of a typology of visible traces in interiors. The interesting for the interior traces is because they show us in them. They reflect Our Actions, our choices of hanging paintings on the wall, putting furniture in certain corners, our lack of or our determinate cleaning of the surface, choices that may not all have been made consciously, but still reflecting our personality. I admit beforehand that I am a subjective writer and that I will only describe what is important in certain traces for me. I dare not say that it could be a universally shared feeling, although I hope that my descriptions can lead to your own insight in what your personal interest in traces can be, or in other rather overlooked parts we encounter in our daily life, on surfaces, in objects, or floating in mid-air.

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