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Arash Fakhim, ArtEZ

15-06-2016 Redactie

‘ALL IN ­ Easily navigating the surface, from existentialistic satire to the mythical depths of romanticism, Arash is not afraid to say the wrong thing. Or the right thing, for that matter because within his body of work there is no room for pre­conceived values on good or bad, right or wrong. 

The aim is not to create an universal truth nor an utopian hypothesis. It is about the joy of living in mass­consumerist times, thrown back into your face. It is post­modernism without the irony, it is trash art without the waste. A clear category could not be given to the work, it incorporates all that is, it's all­inclusive. Arash questions art rhetorics by creating a dialogue between amateur practices and codified languages. He could be described as an identity­less flaneur or a post­modern tourist. His work seems fast, almost like he’s in a rush to go somewhere, to end up at a certain place, when in his work you would think that being lost is the more constant state of being. Maybe it is not a rush, not a haste with a clear direction but it is more the urge to be in constant motion. The flux, the transient, the temporary, the contemporary.’
(Door Hendrickje Schimmel)

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