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On the cosmic journey of a body

29-08-2015 Jasper Griepink

The political agency of a sensitive digestion

When thinking about art nowadays one easily discovers the eminent desire of artworks to be socially of politically engaged – to activate, illustrate, highlight, celebrate or change things. This is true also for my own art practice, though it has been operating primarily via the body rather than within concrete works of art. It has been operating through the knowledge that is gained through the experience of my body as well as through the bodies of the people I have been in contact with. In a sense it has been operating under, via and through the skin in a realm of heightened sensing, or awareness that affects things within the body and within the social and political realms that consist of these (interrelated) bodies. In addition to sensing (or how to sense), I’ve been exploring what the body can manifest outside of itself through action –by being present, by dressing up, by dancing – in performance. In a sense I research the relation coherence in between the body and its environment by exploring how messages can be send to the subconscious using the medium of acts. One of the major ‘acts’ I have performed in the past years has been my travel to Iceland and America, which will form the baseline of this writing. 

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