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Informatie over Bas van den Hurk

20-03-2018 Redactie

Informatie over Bas van den Hurk en zijn werk

Mousse Magazine over Bas van den Hurk's tentoonstelling Once Upon a Time You Dressed so Fine

Rod Barton, London is pleased to present Bas van den Hurk Once Upon a Time You Dressed so Fine. In attempts to frame the artist’s idiosyncratic, multifaceted, and dynamic practice, the gallery itself will become invaded. Like a film still framing a slice of a scene, the room is an active environment frozen momentarily from the trajectory of experimentation and assembly; the exhibition offers a glimpse into a world created by van den Hurk and his collaborators. Lees meer

Interview voor This is Tomorrow door Ariane Belisle

Oscillating between painting, sculpture, installation, architecture, fashion and performance, Bas van den Hurk’s upcoming show ‘Once Upon A Time You Dressed So Fine’ (21 March - 26 April 2014) at Rod Barton explores art-making in its many forms. Revealing traces of their modes of production, the works are simultaneously presented as autonomous agents and active participants on the exhibition’s stage. Entwined in their respective networks of histories, temporalities, locations and materials, they speak of Arthur Koestler’s Holon philosophy, of the auratic dimension of art and of the subjectiveness of representation.Lees Interview

Whatspace over Politics of Installation, part 1

“By taking aesthetic responsibility in a very explicit way for the design of the installation space, the artist reveals the hidden sovereign dimension of the contemporary democratic order that politics, for the most part, tries to conceal.” – Boris Groys

Bas van den Hurk (NL) exhibits with Hans Demeulenaere (B) at Loods 12, Wetteren, Belgium in the exhibition Politics of Installation, part 1. Politics of Installation is conceived as a dialogue, where both artists put their own, and each others practice under a microscope, to come to new works and models of presentation. Lees meer

Building up Politics of Installation
Building up Politics of Installation


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