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22 juni 2018
A collection of positive saboteurs; The following artists and members of artist initiatives will be mentioned on The Monument for Okay People, by Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries.
The KLF - How far could they go in there pop-culture hacks? #BurnAMillionPounds #ForTheSakeOfArt
General Idea - #MediaSaboteursAndConceptualFakers
Robert Jasper Grootveld - One of the #GrandfathersOfHappenings in the Netherlands
MyPolarIce - Buy the last pieces of the north pole, #SellOutArt by Teun Castelein and Coralie Vogelaar
Yuri Veerman - Tried to crucify Putin digitally on the rainbow, through a participatory website
. Fredie Beckmans - Chief of the Worstclub, celebrating the worst, embracing bad taste: "All good art needs a humus layer of bad stuff to sprout and I am the director of this humus layer" he says
Servaas Schoone - #MarketeerWithoutACause selling #FishAir
Yippies - Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman Who tried to levitate the pentagon together with 60.000 colleagues
Laibach - Rumors go around that Laibac is responsible for the fall of socialism in Slovenia, due to their thought provoking, ambivalent, performances. Recently they were the first rock band who played in North Korea
David Cerny - Made a fake-participatory ironical artwork for the EU comity in Brussels
Joey Skaggs - Media pranks to show how media copy pasted news without fact checking, already 30 years ago
Cacophony Society - Revolting daily life, Californian subversiveness, #TheParentsOfBurningMan
Tom Kennedy - Art-car builder, #ArtForThePeople
Peter Watkins - Mockumentary maker before the word mockumentary existed. A.o. about a nuclear attack in the 60's in England. Check also out his other films!
eden ahbez - Mystic and musician who lived under one of the letters of Hollywood
Martijn Engelbregt - Designed an anti script to hijack and get in charge of conversations with phone surveyors. Resulting even in a marriage
TINKEBELL - A pink art activist hero from NL, saving the world
V. Vale - Founder, writer and interviewer of RE/Search publishing. Score the book PRANKS! if you need an overview of cultural sabotaging pranksters
Robert Moog - Inventor of the synthesizer. One of the best parts of being an artist and working with certain materials is that you can become one with these materials and therefore in a deeper connection with cosmos.
Selby Gildemacher - Design hacker and co-founder of u2018The Geert Wilders'
Merapi Obermajer - #BornAgainAnarchist and one of the only autodidact artists (who I know, please forgive me) who is conceptually sharp.

We are the jokers, the punks, the dadaists, the yippies, the futurists, the Kekistanis and the pranksters, the anarchists who even undermine anarchy, ‘die chaoten’, the neo-situationists, the marketeers without a cause, the mischievous makers, the outsider artists, the aesthetical terrorists, we are the subversiveness.


We camouflage ourselves by using the language of our opponents and re-use this language to question its identity, its need to exist.


We are the nonlinear thinkers who didn’t fit in the school system.

They see our associative, image-based way of thinking as a disability.

They categorize us as people with learning difficulties.

They label our messy thought process as attention disorders or dyslexia.


This forces us, from youth onwards, to distrust all institutions, all linear systems, so…

We work autonomously.

We cannot obey the linear, our job is to question, innovate, play and prank.

We think outside the box, since we were never inside.


If our intelligence does not find space to blossom, if there is no recognition of our powers, we tend to the dark side.

Criminal deeds: To fix and organize ourselves outside the official structures.

Terror: To avenge the unjust in our lives, projected onto polarized political or religious objects (or just our high school).



If we get to understand the alchemical process, the hermetic wisdom.

If we find how to depolarize and ground.

If we find how to melt our anger and change it into optimistic gold.

If we replace the seperating idea of ‘we’ and ‘they’.

If we find our role in this society, instead of doing shitty jobs that obscure our real potential.

Then we can master matter and dream our futures.

Then we are able to do great stuff.


By the way: After the imaginative revolution spelling mistakes will be rewarded as a deed of civil disobedience.




Here a set of links, If you want to dig deeper into the depicted artists:

1. The Monument for Okay People, by Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries:
2. The KLF –
3. General Idea –
4. Robert Jasper Grootveld –
5. MyPolarIce –
6. Yuri Veerman –
7. Fredie Beckmans –
8. Servaas Schoone ––on-Servaas-and-the-art-of-doing-business-N35.html
9. Yippies – Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman
10. Laibach –
11. David Cerny –
12. Joey Skaggs –
13. Cacophony Society –
14. Tom Kennedy –
15. Peter Watkins –
16. eden ahbez –
17. Martijn Engelbregt –
19. V. Vale –
20. Robert Moog –
21. Selby Gildemacher –
22. Merapi Obermajer –


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