Art & everyday life

In this section, Mister Motley investigates the art world up-close and aims to connect art to everyday life. Next to that, Art & Everyday Life invites artists to write about their everyday experiences, about their love for art and the dark edges surrounding it, and they will provide us with commentary on the now and report on their researches and residencies in The Netherlands and abroad.

Life to the Full at the Centraal Museum

If art is an overheated sauna, then Michael Tedja (Rotterdam 1971) is the ice-cold plunge pool within it: instantly refreshing! In art, it is all or nothing, and if that applies, Michael Tedja is all and just a bit more. Excess excels. His exhibition “Hypersubjective”, which is on display until the 14th of October 2018, is an overwhelming presentation of how to put words into action. More or less simultaneously with this SHOW – in this case, exhibition or expo cannot fully represent what is offered –, Tedja’s book “The brilliant man” has appeared, an at least as overwhelming display of the imagination as this presentation of his 134 large drawings. Michael Tedja shows life to the full.

On mechanical eyes, digital ghosts and dirty hands

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