Dying plants

Dear Mister Motley,
How do I keep my plants alive?
Every piece of advice is welcome.


I have no friends

Dear Miss Motley. I live in a big city in the middle of Holland, I have a job and a nice life. Yet, I don't have a lot of friends and that makes me feel lonely at times. I'm not very good at making friends. What am I doing wrong, what is wrong with me, I wonder all the time? What can I do, how do I make new friends? (Name known by editors)

To feel lonely (abroad)

Dear Mister Motley,

I'm from Sweden and I've lived in The Netherlands for a couple of years. I work as an artist and live in a beautiful home in Amsterdam. Still, it's difficult for me to make real friends. That makes me feel lonely at times. Maybe you know of a solution.

Thank you,


Marina Abramovic, the artist is present