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Hugo Rocci - Rietveld Academie

21-06-2015 Mister Motley

"Souvent sur les dents"
My movie is about a roadside attraction, A  building shaped as a giant bear and used as a café.

Talking about ordinary people working in an extraordinary place.
Playing with the sadness of daily cleaning work, and the world of tourism.
The movie is animation based, the decor is painted and animated.

Synopsis :
Two tourists are driving towards the giant bear, a new road attraction to add to their collection. 
The bear was built by a man who spent all his energy and hope in building the most amazing bear building, the only bear to be used as a building. 
He thought he would be recognized, but now when his dream is accomplished, he finds himself with nothing else to do than taking care and cleaning this giant sculpture every day. 
If he is lucky he can watch some tourists driving by.
The tourists, really excited to take pictures in front of it, buy a souvenir and have a coffee in the bear, before going away to a next roadside attraction.
The man finds himself stuck with his bear, tired and bored in the middle of nowhere.


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