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Conversation about design, magazines & the future with

06-05-2014 Mister Motley

Some Magazine launch and conversation about design, magazines and the future with

Max Bruinsma,
Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen, 
Adriaan Mellegers, 
Edwin van Gelder,
Florian Pfeffer,
Sven Völker,


Tolstraat 137
1074VJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The new issue of Some Magazine goes beyond the world of interiors and style. Home can be a multifunctional cloth, you always carry with you. It can be a pile of blankets, neatly folded together and stuck behind a phone box - or a nostalgic memory of a place in your childhood. To explore new ideas of home, the editorial team have visited the artist Athier Mousawi in London, received letters from Seoul, Berlin and Somewhere, spoke to the young minimalist Florian Riviére and found many other exciting concepts of what „home“ might possibly be.

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