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De salon van Kinke Kooi

Preventing the sharp from being sharp
Imagine the decoration of your interior: you have made a critical (conscious) selection and arranged it all very well; it is not too full (which gives room to think) and everything has its own place. Let's say it looks cool and sharp...
Than a very dear friend comes by, she is very excited because she has a very beautiful gift for you. When you unwrap the present you see right away that it is not your taste.
Will you be hospitable towards the gift and give it a spot in your interior with the unavoidable consequence of making it look less sharp and directed?
Imagine the world of ideas in your head as an interior and a misfit idea comes by. Will you be hospitable and give it a spot in the middle of your own ideas and thoughts and see what it looks like, trying to wrap your head around it?
I discovered that wrapping around is part of my natural appreciation and taste: I love pliable things like fabrics, pudding and flesh; jellyfish and creepers that need a construction to grow around, like decoration around a post.
My taste is one of the soft approach and adaptability, which does not mean that I am hospitable to everything. To be honest: there is a secret disgust for the sharp, because I think sharp is about excluding, and exclusiveness...
So I decided to be hospitable to the sharp in my style of the soft approach. And suddenly the drawing looks like preventing the sharp from being sharp: wrapping your head around the sharp is like a sheath around a sword.

Dit project ontwikkelde ik samen met Hanne Hagenaars en De Volkskrant. De opzet van Hanne was om dit keer geen toelichting in woorden te geven, maar in beelden die het verhaal vertellen. De inspiratiebronnen, die staande op een rand langs de muur te zien zijn, hebben geleid tot het uiteindelijke kunstwerk Hospitality (3). Deze tentoonstelling is nog t/m 15 januari 2017 te zien in Museum Arnhem.