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Fiona Tan - On the Set

I recently completed my first feature length film, History’s Future. 
Part fiction, part documentary, part speculative essay on the contemporary world, History’s Future is about one man’s odyssey through a Europe in turmoil – and through his own mind. I guess you could best describe it as an experimental, existential road-movie.
The film’s cast includes Mark O’Halloran, Denis Lavant, Anne Consigny, Christos Passalis, Rifka Lodeizen, Johanna ter Steege and Brian Gleeson. We filmed on location in many places including The Netherlands, France, Ireland, Spain, Greece, the UK and also the US and Japan. This is a small selection of some set photos which I made during the rehearsals and shoot.

History’s Future will premiere on January 28th in the Tiger Competition at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam

All photos: © Fiona Tan

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