Steun hier het nieuwe seizoen van de radiopodcast Kunst is Lang.

Jan Hakon Erichsen: Destroyer

These images are simply the things I need to see to be able to create my own art and I´m drawn towards destruction and dark humour like a moth to a flame.

  1. Please Come In, Kazuo Shiraga
  2. Broken Fall (Geometric), Bas Jan Ader
  3. Accidental art, collapsing scaffold
  4. Man in Tree, Charles Ray
  5. Parallel Stress, Dennis Oppenheim
  6. Rendez-vous, Sigurdur Gudmundsson
  7. Digging Piece, Vito Acconci
  8. Rest Energy, Marina Abramović and Ulay
  9. Lucio Fontana, 1962
  10. Knives, Andy Warhol
  11. Selbstbemalung II (Self Painting), Günter Brus
  12. Shoot performance, Chris Burden
  13. Untitled No.122, Cindy Sherman
  14. Eric, New York City, from the “Men in the Cities” series. Robert Longo
  15. Board (video still), John Wood and Paul Harrison
  16. Keep a Cool Head, Erwin Wurm
  17. Sitting, Daniel Firman
  18. Voar, Helena_Almeida
  19. Failing to Levitate in the Studio, Bruce Nauman
  20. Escape Artist, Sam Taylor Wood
  21. Untitled (Chair), Marco Breuer
  22. Lights_On/Off, Jared Bark
  23. Smoke Bomb In An Elevator, Brad Troemel
  24. Roman Signer
  25. Hand Catching Lead, Richard Serra 1968
  26. Artists Ralph Ortiz (left) and Paul Pierrot demolishing a piano during the Destruction in Art Symposium (DIAS)
  27. Seventeen Less One Michelangelo Pistoletto
  28. Drawing Restraint, Matthew Barney
  29. Stilts, Adam Putnam
  30. Touching the Walls with Both Hands Simultaneously, Rebecca Horn
  31. My Rebecca Horn book
  32. Untitled, Chris Burden
  33. Untitled, Kazuo Shiraga
  34. Nylon Mesh Series, Senga Nengudi
  35. Aquarium, Yael Davids
  36. Der Apotheker Knoten, Urs Lüthi
  37. Walking with Contraposto, Bruce Nauman
  38. Martin Skauen,