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Laurence Aëgerter - Decompositions

Painting masterpieces have this mythic aura that the viewer tries to become part of, activating intuitively their senses and ratio. Last year, in the context of a commission for a private collector who had asked me to work with La Liberté Guidant le peuple (Delacroix) as a reference, I encountered in my research process an incredible amount of images proposing a rational understanding of a masterpiece. Renaissance paintings quantified in percentages; a love-hate story for the art lovers and the artists themselves. As I started collecting these de- and recompositions, I developed a fascination for the phenomenon. Where does this wide spread maniacal tendency to decode the powerful signs organised on a canvas come from? Which was first: myth or ratio? Meanwhile, iconical paintings are reborn to an endless potential of apparitions, procuring me a serious joy.

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