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Online tentoonstelling
15 december 2018

When you are looking at this online exhibition, now, I am laughing at a trivial thing with my family at home.

  1. When I’m laughing, now, my Iranian friend is sitting his lovely brown couch and criticizing international politics, about to post it on Facebook.
  2. When he is criticizing, now, my American friend is sleeping, dreaming of a person whom he met yesterday at the subway station.
  3. When he is dreaming, now, my Taiwanese friend is doing yoga at a neighborhood park, smelling lawn grasses. Her black-framed glasses are fogging up.
  4. When she is doing yoga, now, my Cameroonian friend is hiding. Do you know what is happening in Cameroon? I’m asking you instead of a stupid question “Do you know Africa?”
  5. When he is hiding, now, my Italian friend is buying vegetables at a food market, picking up vivid carrots for her dinner.
  6. When she is buying veggies, now, my Thai friend is arguing her position to her boss. A cup poured full of coffee is forgotten.
    When she is arguing, now, by the way, you are still looking at the exhibition. I am not laughing now because my daughter started crying.
  7. When she is crying, now, my Turkish friend is feeling his loneliness even though he is talking to his close friend, turning his eyes on a red hat his friend wearing.
  8. When he is feeling loneliness, now, my Cuban friend is reading a book about herbs sitting her lovely brown couch, drinking a cup of coffee.
  9. When she is reading, now, my Philipino friend is singing a song on a bus. The bus is heading to a city center, smells of dinner are coming from opened windows.
  10. When he is singing, now, my French friend is kissing with her girlfriend. The morning sunlight is coming through curtains, lighting her left side of the face.
  11. When she is kissing, now my Japanese friend is taking a selfie at a top of a tower. She is caring for her hat not to blow off but her smile is inorganic and perfect. By the way, I forgot the name of the song that he is singing. Do you remember?
  12. When she is taking a selfie, now, my Korean friend is texting to her father whether he is available next weekend. A clacking sound from her heels is reflecting between buildings.
  13. When she is texting, now, my Portuguese friend is waking up, having a hangover, finding himself on a wooden floor, the room is messy.
  14. When he is waking up, now, my Syrian friend is driving a car, taking his son to the school. They are listening to a song. Wait, I’m remembering an old man singing this song in a subway, and this is the song my friend is singing on the bus.

My daughters are now playing as if there was nothing happened. You are leaving.
Talk to you later.

  1. Abbas Kiarostami / Nema-ye Nazdik
  2. Quentin Tarantino / Death Proof
  3. EdwardYang / YiYi-AOneandATwo
  4. Alain Gomis / Félicité
  5. Nanni Moretti / Caro Diario
  6. Apichatpong Weerasethakul / Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
  7. Semih Kaplanoğlu / Honey
  8. Juan Carlos Tabio / Lista de Espera
  9. Kidlat Tahimik / Mababangong Bangungot
  10. Agnès Varda Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse
  11. Kobayashi Masahiro / The Rebirth
  12. Hong Sang Soo / Right Now, Wrong Then
  13. Pedro Costa / No Quarto da Vanda
  14. Hala Abdallah, Ammar Al Beik / I Am the One Who Carries Flowers to Her Grave

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