31 augustus 2018

On Monday 24 September Mister Motley organises in collaboration with Kunstpodium T an Artist’s Café (3 rounds) during the fourth edition of the Day of the Young Artist in Museum de Pont. More information about the program and exact times will follow soon!

Moderator: Maartje Folkeringa

Autonomy is dead
How do you, as a young artist, deal with collaboration? How important is it to work together with other artists and might collaboration possibly undermine and devalue your own work? And how do you battle loneliness after the academy?
In the first round of Mister Motley’s artist’s café, the online art magazine Mister Motley will talk to three contemporary artists about the meaning and the differences between working as an individual and working in a collective. The artists Danielle Lemaire, Menno de Nooijer and Vlaplif will join the conversation.

The world has become a smaller place
How do you, as a young artist, gain recognition abroad? Is it important to cross borders with your art and why? What will you learn about the Dutch art scene as soon as your work is seen abroad?
In the second round of the artist’s café, Mister Motley will talk to the artists Bas van den Hurk, Sema Bekirovic and Agnes Momirski about their experiences abroad.

Utopian futures
What will the art world be like for a young artist, in ten years? Can we imagine a perfect future? What are the fears, dreams, predictions and what do we have to do, to make this utopian future reality?
In the third, and last, round of Mister Motley’s artist’s café the artists Niels Post, Wineke Gartz and Ole Nieling will explore the future together, to predict the utopian art world of tomorrow.

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