Het werk van Matthias König

25 juni 2018

Op woensdag avond 27 juni is kunstenaar Matthias König uitgenodigd om visueel te reageren op het gesprek tussen Mieke Bal en presentator Luuk Heezen. 

Matthias König is an artist and a musician/producer, based in The Hague (NL).
His work is defined in sculptures, installations, drawings and music, but most of the time it‘s a symbiosis of these elements. His artistic practice is based on the creation of compositions with a specific acoustic and physical interaction, where form and sound coexist. The playful, unpredictable aspects of this interaction has his main interest. The specific qualities of music like tone, dynamics, rhythm, timbre and its swiftly immateriality create the poetic counterpart of the physical and visual. With a visual and more or less static space for the quick and fleeting properties of time — as such almost stretched towards infinity — he creates an oscillating experience of constant change. The ambiguity in the sensory perception is an open invitation to explore an audible and visual space, where time seems to evaporate.

Matthias König, Receiver, 2011

Matthias König, El Grande Don Gallo Máximo Diabolo Maria Caliente, 2017

Matthias König, A human drummer trying to imitate a drummachine trying to imitate a human drummer, 2015-2017

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