Melanie Bonajo

Melanie meets Bunny Michael

16 oktober 2014



What is a Nature Slut?
I strip away what blocks me from my Natural State.
I make love to my Spirit.
My sexuality and spirituality are one.
I’m dirty like the earth. I seduce like a flower. I spread like pollen.
I’m strong like a wave. I burn like flames. I travel like the wind.
I am Free.
I connect to my Divine Spirit who is perfect and amazing and God.
What does your Nature Slut look like?
I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.

In my last post, I started to touch on the fact I have been having visual trances during sex. When I experience great pleasure, I close my eyes and see psychedelic images, mostly of nature. A beautiful jungle scene with lush green leaves that move and breathe with the wind. A tropical flower blossoming in high speeds dripping liquid out of its stamen. One recurring scene stuck out in my mind as super bizarre and beautiful. I am laying on my back in some kind of desert valley. I can look down at my body and see my feet and legs but not my genitals, they are blurred somehow. I am laying in the sand, and I notice there are people all around me cloaked in a dark fabric. I get the feeling that I’m in another time back in history, and I’m participating in some kind of ritual. As if my sexual experience and orgasm are being used by some tribe as an energy source.

According to some texts, even masturbation is a great way to perform Sex Magic and sometimes recommended for beginners. So if this power really exists, why don’t we know about it? Many people believe that these powers were intentionally repressed by patriarchal religious structures to keep humans ignorant of their gifts and abilities to use any form of magic, especially Sex Magic because it is so powerful. That is why sex has been so shamed by religious tradition and lust even listed in the “seven deadly sins”. In fact, this patriarchal repression of sexual energy for so long is seen by many people as the reason why we have so much sexual abuse and so many perversions.

Melanie Bonajo is looking for what is someones inspiration, what is someones background, how much does the personal influence the professional, what is the role of emotion in the process, what is someones motivation. What someone dismisses. She is a visual artist who is selected by the Mondriaan foundation to work one year at the ISCP residency in NYC.

Did you only survive by mistake?
How many humans can fit into utopia?
Do we leave the Animal Kingdom out in the darkness?
Do we need to take sides?
Do we let patterns of conceptual convenience leave unsuitable marks on our perception?
Do we need sensitive enquiry into our inner life to do business?
What if the 72 virgins are not like they expected?
Is reason linked to sex?
Are women human too?
Is there wisdom on the end of nature?
The perfect woman, what does she want?
Who is the problem?
Does the sun only set for humans?
Is information a third kind of stuff?
Did you ever want to be a mermaid ?
Does the annihilation of emotions produce monsters?
What defines an animal?
Can feelings go extinct ?
Do we need to take more drugs ?
What are drugs ?
Are borders of species a hard bound volume of the library of nature?
Can we discover something that always existed?
Can science understand the behavior of stones?
Can we simply toss up and choose at random?
When do you make an effort ?
Did shyness bring you something good ?
Do we have to be so confident?
Is the sky touchable?
Can you point out the border between heaven and hell?
Are habitats of the heart motivated by megalomania?
When God appears do you welcome her?
When the Devil appears do you welcome her?
Is duality a virus of the mind?
Who built the first fence?
Can thoughts erode ?
How cosmic can love be?
Are animals machines?
Do we need more vagina buildings?
Why is gender relevant?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Who controls the boundaries ?
Will Families remain to exist ?
Can we revolt by relaxing ?
Did you ever have fake sex ?
Why was Marx not a Marxist?
Where does change start?
Where is the problem ?
Do machines deserve citizenship ?
Does your cat need to get rid of its ego?
Is utopia just for humans?
If one being matters do all beings matter?
Is god-free metaphysics the alarm that greeted our end?
Did I only survive by mistake?
Is faith an efficient parasite?
Where does your gaze rest?
Do dolphins need passports ?
What has become of the body?
What purpose does it have to invent a new one?
Can art heal ?
Does the internet want to go offline sometimes ?
Is mutual dependence no longer part of human life?
Can happiness be proven?
To understand or to be understood ?
Do I need to apologize for the early rain ?
May I answer you in songs ?
Do Animals have to mock man’s dream ?
Am I a character of a masculist dream ?
Is Nature a source of insight and promise of innocence ?
Can we count the problems of the soul ?
Is god only a by product of a misunderstood metaphor ?
Today, am I made of sunshine ?
Can vision help to avoid binary oppositions ?
Do machines remember eden ?
Are movements for Animal rights irrational denials of uniqueness ?
What may count as a women’s experience ?
Are processes that create doubt healthy ?
Did I ever cause terror or pain ?
Can a good work of art never be recognized in one way.
What do you know, nobody knows ?
Can we be each other ?
What questions are you asking ?


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