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18 december 2015
Bessie Smith, The Empress Of The Bleus (Photo: Courtesy Legacy Records)
William Claxton, The George Williams Brass Band, from the book: New Orleans 1960
Painter unkown, Voodoo Museum, New Orleans
Ari Marcopoulos, series: Even the President of the United States sometimes has to stand naked, 2005
Edward Hopper, Night Window, 1928
Jozef Israu00ebls, Etalage, 1894-1889
found footage
Page from: The Black Book (African-American History)
Arthur Rothstein, Photo of Quilter Jorena Pettway, 1937
Annie Mae Young, Work-clothes quilt with center medallion of strips, 1976
Mississippi Queen, hand stitched by Ms. Tremaine
Alec Soth, 2006_08zl0036 series: Broken Manual, 2006-2010
Michau00ebl Borremans, Girl With Duck, 2010

The images are an emotional, associative selection inspired by a thematic and visual trip I recently made in The Deep South, USA. Now I’m re-thinking, analysing and reflecting the collected material and themes. This is only a glimpse of how I try to order my sinuous thoughts. Eventually after questioning everything, doubting, writing, sketching and re-sketching…I’ll find a suitable answer. 

Images without subtitles are from my own private photographic diary. They are made in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia (0ctober-November 2015).



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