Alina Lupu

Archiving paradigm shifts – ‘cancel culture’, online debate, the ever evolving art field dynamics

5 maart 2021

2021 comes with its particular cultural framework, following one very tumultuous 2020. It’s a year in which we’re still bound to our homes, in which culture is less accessible in person and increasingly more accessible online, a framework in which we have more time on our hands than ever and more willingness to engage politically. It is also the year when the term “cancel culture” has started being an intrinsic part of the art discourse vocabulary. As with most concepts that disperse to the masses the origins of the concept seem murky. One day we all simply just knew what “cancel culture” meant, or assumed we knew by deducing it from those that made themselves the victims of it.

Teaser theatervoorstelling Raven

Trailer documentaire L.A Raeven

Fragment werk van L.A Raeven


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