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Informatie Saskia Janssen

04-01-2014 Redactie

Een compilatie van interessante interviews, gesprekken en artikelen met en over Saskia Janssen

Peekskill as Canvas for Artists Near and Far
Een artikel in de New York Times geschreven door Tammy La Gorce over het Peekskill Project waar Saskia Janssen aan deelnam. (oktober 2015)
‘’It’s possible that a few hosts would open their homes,’’ said Saskia Janssen, a Dutch artist who came to Peekskill last month with her husband an artistic partner, George Korsmit. Mr. Korsmit painted small abstract works on the walls of five randomly selected private homes, and Ms. Janssen documented the process. The paintings were not intended for appreciation by the thousands expected to attend the festival, MS. Janssen explained recently from a downtown field dotted with rustic tents draped in colorful crocheted blankets – which was itself another installation, by the Australian artist Lea Donnan. Rather, ‘’they were more like a way to interact with the people who live here,’’ she said, ‘’so we could bring that experience to the community.’’  
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Everything is one
Een essay geschreven door Kari Conte over de expositie Everything is one

By now, it is well known that D.T. Suzuki’s lectures at Columbia University in the 1950s influenced numerous artists and writers of the time. A Japanese Zen scholar, Suzuki introduced Buddhist thinking into Western art, impacting seminal figures such as John Cage, Marcel Duchamp, Allen Ginsburg, and Thomas Merton.

In the ensuing years, many artists—both Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike—have integrated into their work the religion’s emphasis on personal contemplation and being fully present, awake and open to looking and thinking deeply. The relationship between Buddhist practice and art making is the kernel of the exhibition Saskia Janssen: Everything Is One. While the exhibition does not outwardly espouse religious or philosophical tenets and iconography, Janssen’s process and intent illuminate the world with a distinct Buddhist outlook: one of engaged action where everything and everyone are interrelated and interdependent.
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Kunst als een liedje
Een interview geschreven door Pam Roos ten Barge gepubliceerd in Metropolism (oktober 2013)

Saskia Janssen verbleef drie maanden in de Willem Arntsz Hoeve in Den Dolder, als kunstenaar in residence in het kader van Het Vijfde Seizoen. Een interview over (vang)netten, Rihanna en het maken van tantristische tekeningen in een poging meer in het hier en nu te zijn.
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Kaap 2010
Een reportage van het werk van Saskia Janssen tijdens het project Kaap 2010


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