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Mireille Tap, ArtEZ Arnhem

18-07-2015 Mister Motley

Let me share with you

Hello cutie, I feel sad about the impossible completeness of understanding, meeting and mergence between us.

But for now, i would like to introduce you to my graduation work which includes video performances and a series of sculptures. For each sculpture, I use my body to do a live performance so that you can see me and hear my voice in all of them. I choose to create in this way because for me the body provides a basic form that can be directly shared. And besides, I enjoy the act of performing. 

I am interested in how we as humans translate and share thoughts, feelings and instincts. These are for me the things we do in order to connect with people, animals and things around us so that maybe we do not feel alone, even it's for a little moment.

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