Mister Motley

Graduation Special 18: Maja Bolier

6 juni 2018

Het werk van Maja Bolier begint vaak met poëzie en vloeit dan voort in organische, intuïtieve collages. Bolier studeert dit jaar af aan de HKU. 

“14.784 km 

That is the distance between the two countries I grew up in. The distance between my parents, the distance between my two lives. I feel you find a lot of this distance in my work. In everything I make, my films, drawings and collages, there is a certain fragmentation. A feeling of being there and not there at the same time. Most of my works begin with poetry, I write texts and narratives and out of this usually comes some kind of visual. 

My collages are suggestive and open to interpretation. Sometimes they are playful, sometimes they express a certain violence with their ripped corners and frayed edges. I use a scalpel as my weapon of choice, cutting up intricate forms that I have drawn with ink and aquarel.

I create disorienting scenes with fluid, organic abstractions and I combine hard lines with soft flesh. When I weave my drawings through the photographs, I love it when the lines flow together and become a new whole. I work on my collage’s intuitively. After collecting all the materials I puzzle for hours with the pieces until I find and create new shapes, I often use thread to hold the pieces together instead of glue, it leaves room for me to change them and add new elements. Because the works are not stuck together they veer away from the 2d, making them more spacial. The works are usually mixed media, I combine my own photography, found footage, watercolor drawings, and paper cutouts to make poetic new visuals.”

Maja Bolier; Mixed media collage, ink, paper, found footage

“When he smoked he looked suave, like someone famous.

Only then did we become unaware of the dirt on his face”



Maja Bolier: mixed media collage, linnen, thread, ink drawing, found footage

“They spread thin lines across a great divide

Oh! to see you close…

In all your filth and glory”



Maja Bolier: mixed media collage, linnen, thread, ink drawing, found footage

“They would bow to time in a vase, 
 wilted as she was
 early to leave
 I am the lover’s gift
 I am the memory of a moment
 I am the last gift of the living to the dead;
 I am a part of joy and a part of sorrow”




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