Het werk van Jur de Vries

4 september 2018

Op woensdag avond 5 september is kunstenaar Jur de Vries uitgenodigd om visueel te reageren op het gesprek tussen Dick Tuinder en presentator Luuk Heezen.

The influence of animations and comic strips is everywhere on these canvases, but rather than evoke happy childhood memories, they feature much darker symbolism: cigarettes become metaphors for addiction to the point of disease, and both acts of violence and their results feature often. Jur cuts up and reconnects Mickey Mouse, and leaves our childhood friend just barely recognisable and bleeding on the operating table of his canvases. There are no innocent icons anymore. Behind those trusted cartoon eyes lies the emptiness of the dollar. We are all being manipulated constantly with images that claim to show us happiness. The bleak nihilist visions and disjointed narratives in Jur’s painting serve as an antidote.



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