Melanie Bonajo

Melanie meets Future Feminism

14 november 2014


Created by Antony, Kembra Pfahler, Johanna Constantine, Bianca Casady and Sierra Casady presented at The Hole gallery. Future Feminism will featured an exhibition of stoneworks in the main gallery and a thirteen-night performance and lecture series in Gallery 3. In this exhibition, they debuted the 13 Tenets of Future Feminism, a manifesto the artists and musicians have honed over the past three years from numerous retreats and meetings representing a frontier feminist perspective. 

Anne Carson

Anne Waldman


Dynasty Handbag

Kembra Pfahler, Melanie Bonajo, Jessica Mitrani

Kiki Smith

Laurie Anderson

Lydia Lunch

Marina Abramović

Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge

Melanie Bonajo Bianca Casady


Terrence Koh

Viva Ruiz

Performers: Bianca Casady, Sierra Casady, Rebecca Wright, Johanna Constantine, Lydia LunchThe Factress aka Lucy Sexton, Clark Render as Margaret Thatcher, Laurie Anderson,Narcissister, Dynasty Handbag, No Bra,  Ann Snitow speaks with the Future Feminists, Kiki Smith presents Anne Waldman, Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge and Anne Carson, Kembra Pfahler and The Girls of Karen Black, Lorraine O’Grady, Marina Abramović, Jessica Mitrani, Melanie Bonajo, Carolee Schneemann, Terence Koh, Viva Ruiz, Julianna Huxtable and Alexyss K. Tylor

Making off:

All pictures by :Walter Wlodarczyk 
except making off by me.

Melanie Bonajo is looking for what is someones inspiration, what is someones background, how much does the personal influence the professional, what is the role of emotion in the process, what is someones motivation. What someone dismisses. She is a visual artist who is selected by the Mondriaan foundation to work one year at the ISCP residency in NYC.


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