Melanie Bonajo

Melanie Meets Meriem Bennani

14 november 2014

Hijab Emocoins and #FunnyFeminism 




Who are you?

What do you do?

Why do you do it?

When did it start?

When will it end?
So, I guess I’m dead for real this time, huh? Life wasn’t that bad. I mean, now that it’s finally over, I feel like it was pretty nice. I will miss… Wait, what will I miss? Think of something nice and pretty before you go forever. Oh man, I can’t seem to think of anything nice right now. A pearl of sweat emerges out of her forehead and rolls down her face in slow motion. Did my memory already go away? Ok. Calm down. Try to focus. Think about your last day, how did it start? Soooo, I woke up, and, and, and. …And I put on my flip-flops!! There you go champ, pulling it back together. Tries to high five herself but she is dead! And thennnn, then, I… Then I. Oh what the what, I can’t remember anything else! I am going to leave this world thinking about flip-flops. I don’t even know who I was before I died. Focus, focus, what did your feet look like inside the flip-flops? Shot of feet inside flip-flops: the toes are too blurry to say who they belong to. Did I have pedicured feet? Or big hairy feet? Am I a child? Oh no, I can only remember the flip-flops. Ok relax, what color were they, color is helpful. Shot of feet inside flip-flops the colors change and finally lock down to yellow

They were… Yellow. That’s not very helpful. That yellow is very pretty though. And that dotted texture, it’s like goose pumps when movies end beautifully. I wonder if I watched movies when I was still alive. I hope I went to the movies with a lover. I also hope I treated my flip-flops well. I wonder if I wore them inside or outside. Maybe they were a gift from someone who really loved me so much and said (lover voice): “you are so wonderful and stunning I got you those flip-flops for Christmas because I think your feet are so spectacular they need to show. I would really be sad if you ever died ”.

And I opened the present already knowing it was flip-flops but I acted surprised because we were so in love. And then I put them on and hugged the latex with my two first toes. My lover was so sweet. Getting me flip-flops. My lover must have really loved me more than anything else on the planet. And we had so many friends and they all complimented my flip-flops. Ohhh yeah really life was probably not that bad.

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Melanie Bonajo is looking for what is someones inspiration, what is someones background, how much does the personal influence the professional, what is the role of emotion in the process, what is someones motivation. What someone dismisses. She is a visual artist who is selected by the Mondriaan foundation to work one year at the ISCP residency in NYC.


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