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Remy Jungerman: Pimba (kaolin) and Textile

I was born in Moengo, a village right in the heart of Suriname, where the Ndjuka Marroon tribe lives and the Cottica river runs through. The playground from my childhood is still the main inspiration behind my artworks. My research and work  focuses on finding the running thread that links together the cultural esthetics of three continents: Africa, Europa and the Americas.

When Mister Motley invited me to compose an online exhibition, I came across a website of the Guiana’s Geographic. This combined with having read an article of the Surinamese Maroons, it occurred to me that it would be an excellent opportunity to make a journey through time with objects, random images and art works that inspired both my first mural in 1988 and my latest artwork ‘Fodu, Ultimate Resistance’. 

This article shows influences of the cultural esthetics and afro religion I grew up with and is still the the treat that is running through my research.

Hope you enjoy the journey. 

Click for more info on Remy Jungerman and his Facebook and his Pinterest and a small movie about him.
Read also an article about Maroon art, about a Maroon village on the river at Cottica Moengo (in Dutch) and about Boni the guerilla leader (also in Dutch).